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About Us

About Us | L.A. Insurance - Adrian, MI

L.A. Insurance is an insurance coverage provider based primarily in Adrian, MI. It is currently one of the largest insurance providers in the entire state of Michigan and has now expanded in different states in every corner of the U.S.

Originally started as a small, independently owned business, L.A Insurance has now managed to gain nationwide recognition as one of the top insurance providers, and it will grow even more in the future.

What began as a small agency that employed mainly family members now employs thousands nationwide and serves even more. L.A. Insurance offers a familiar retail atmosphere that makes the clients feel right at home. We offer top-notch customer service and treat our clients just like family.

Currently, the company has even begun to expand into franchises outside of Michigan so we serve a wide variety of clientele, ranging from a number of socio-economic backgrounds. Much of the coverage we provide goes to auto insurance, but our other plans are well utilized as well. You will find very affordable insurance rates with equally low down payments. This insurance company has been serving the Adrian community for over twenty years now and will continue to do so for many years to come.