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Auto Insurance   | L.A. Insurance

Auto insurance is something that every motorist needs but so few actually want to pay. Keeping your vehicle insured can take a big bite out of your...

Motorcycle Insurance   | L.A. Insurance

With our motorcycle insurance, we will provide coverage similar to our auto insurance plans. You will be covered for accidents and collisions, along...

Life Insurance   | L.A. Insurance

Life insurance is something that is important to all families. You will want to get the affordable coverage you need to secure your family’s financial...

For many years we have been a company dedicated to serving and insuring the community.

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L.A. Insurance prides itself in being one of the highest quality insurance companies in Adrian, MI. This company provides affordable insurance coverage to the members of the community and is making a difference in the lives of residents on a regular basis. It is guaranteed that you will be able find the plan that suits your financial and personal needs with us. An affordable insurance plan is just a phone call away!

To financially secure your investment on your home or vehicle, getting affordable insurance is essential. The search for insurance coverage that suits your needs can be quite challenging, but you can simplify that search by inquiring about L.A. Insurance’s services today.

Whether you need coverage for your automobile, boat, or life insurance, we can provide you with an affordable plan. To get your consultation and quote, feel free to contact us and we will work to provide you with the plan that suits your needs.

We happily guide our customers through the process and ensure that our customers are fully understanding and knowledgeable of the insurance plan being offered. Contact us today to take the first step in finding your ideal insurance plan.